The Felipe Baby Vest flew off my needles in a few days, and the result is a cute, simple but very wearable baby gift. I think this is the perfect project for this type of yarn, and the plain stockinette lets the yarn show off a bit. These photos here are the closest to the real colour of the yarn, it was slightly harder to capture exactly the right hue, but I did my best.

Rav Link

Felipe Baby Vest
This is a great pattern if you need a quick present for a baby, or a last minute shower gift!

Felipe Baby Vest 2
I would have made the little matching cap, but the yarn is just not soft enough for a babys head. But I think if I pair the vest with a handmade card, or some booties it would be a nice gift!




Hello! I would like to start with my latest project, a Felipe Vest, a baby knit! For my friend’s brothers spring baby. Compared to anything else (except maybe sweaters!) baby knitting excites me the most, I just love the tiny little cardigans, pullovers and vests and would jump at any oppertunity to knit for a bub.

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{Click for a bigger pic}
The yarn, is something that I have had in my stash for a while and one of the few varigated yarns that I have ever bought, as I usually like to stick to the solids. The yarn itself isin’t soft enough to be close to the skin, especially for a baby, so I thought a vest, that would be worn over a top or t-shirt would be perfect for the feel of this yarn. For this reason, I don’t think I will be knitting a hat in this yarn, or if I do, I will certainly be lining it with some soft cotton, because otehrwise the hat would be way to itchy!

I have ordered a whole lot of yarn from Webs for a few knitted sweaters I want to crank out for the Winter/Spring, so I’m waiting for those to come in.

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